Lenny Sharman who is a composer-vocalist multi-instrumentalist and mix engineer producer. in the genres of Soul jazz, West Coast Blues, Groove & Electronica

In a genre, laden world he has been able to create original songs that fuse heartfelt and memorable melodies with lyrics that tap into the universal consciousness. While most of today’s music is fast becoming disposable consumer items Firefly soul retains the integrity of finely crafted songs that you will want to listen again and again

Lenny Sharman has been able to create this impressive soundscape of music by melding
music technologies with natural instrumentation with collaborations from other like-minded and talented musicians
The fusion of vocals and captivating orchestration with that Smokey club bass, guitar, and harmonies is the essence to create that sometimes mystical and yet soulful smooth groove that is Firefly Soul

Lenny Sharman



  1. Hello Lenny, I don’t know how I came upon your website, very enjoyable to hear your voice again and listen to your latest songs, it takes me back to Jarvie street. I sometimes listen to an old tape i have of ‘Falling again’, ‘Midnight Destination’ etc, your songs from the eighties. Sometimes I wonder what happened to Matt Berg & Don Jonstone, would you know ?. I lived overseas for a time before settling in Brisbane.
    Drop me a line when you have time. Its wonderful that you are still commited to music. I still play the bass only these days its in Church on Sundays.
    Best regards- John Bednarski


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  3. Hello, Lenny, I listened to your latest single and its a gem. I was impressed with the harmonies and that Piano Solo. They don’t write music like this anymore Thank You. Martin Gorman


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