I mix and engineer my songs in the box using two main Audio Software Logic Pro X and Samplitude Pro X3 suite. Logic is Mac based is excellent in midi samples, Loops, song arraranging and its internal sounds

Samplitude Pro is where I conjure up the mixes, I have used this software the longest . It runs extremely well on a powerful PC with 32gb Ram and SSD drives . It has object editing in which you can apply effects to a section of a track. Its internal compressors for example eight tracks of vocals will have its compressor and Eq’s doing its job

I do use wave and UAD plugins but they can use alot of CPU resources and RAM so the combination of both will suffice

In the end its what you are used to

I use a Mastering House Mastersound with J Ruberto and he provides me with feedback which I find is essential as the fine tuning is essential, here is feedback he provided me on the last project

Dear Lenny
“The mix sounded great. You don’t really need any coaching or advise. I wouldn’t know what I could say to be honest. You just have to go through your time as all other sound engineers do.
 Your last mix (last year) did indeed sound a little strange in some ways. But this happens every single time someone uses new recording software (from memory you jumped into Logic). I know producers who have mixed number 1 records who swapped from one system to the next & their first recording on a new system sounded nothing like what they were used to. Crap even. I was almost going to suggest sticking with Logic (which I actually think is very good & many people use it). But after hearing Saturns Moon it was just another case of using a new system & having better speakers. No need for me to say anything… your mixes sound great.”
Best regards,
“Dear John I had the issues when I started using Logic. I switched back and upgraded to samplitude Pro X3 and thats what I mixed my latest song Saturns Moon on “
Thats the kind of feedback one needs when working with a Mastering house, and thats why it will take alot of time and experience in achieving your goals. Where monitors are concern try different mediums the speakers in the car, professional monitors, domestic monitors, after a time your ears finally adjust to your monitors and your ears automatically adjust