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The Songs of Firefly Soul capture a soulful feeling of rhythm and melody that is conjured and churned into song that blends into  a splendid spiral of  harmonies that bring forward melodic harmonies and rhythm  that groove with soul music

The songs definitely resonate with those yearning for days of the 80’& 90’s s soulful music with several divergent sounds that defined the various alt scenes that existed and were very much a fusion of an Australian version of  West coast and Soul Jazz


The alternate scene of this style of music began in the mid 80’s-90’s and was part of an emerging underground scene in the suburbs of Melbourne and Brunswick Australia.


These musicians played an original style of soul jazz fusion. But as the style of live music became lost as musicians lost their venues to poker machines, and the changing  trend of  pop commercial music


Through the creation of Firefly Soul, Lenny Sharman has recaptured this lost fusion of soul jazz that was once part of a brand of local underground original music in the Melbourne landscape


While most of today’s music is fast becoming disposable consumer items the music retains the integrity of finely​ crafted soul songs that are missing in today’s musical landscape.

This gives you the joy of an emotional listen of songs and lyric that capture the nuances of the soul


The integrated musical styles are expanded with contributions from other local artist who have collaborated on some of the works expanding a wider scope of styles to the listener on which a Piano solo by Tim Shanasy on “Dance Till the sunrise” or the captivating saxophone by the late Peter Fraser on “Come to This. While the song writing partnership of Ben Meeking and Robert Pettinato bring forward a greater variety of nuances and playing styles of a fusion of soul jazz blues and world from Down Under

Genres: A Fusion of Soul Jazz, West Coast Blues, Groove & World


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